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Let's find out if art therapy is right for you. 

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Online Art Therapy
for Individuals 

These customized sessions blend the creative process of art making with psychotherapy to help you achieve your mental health goals.          No artistic experience or skill needed.

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Digital Detox

How is your digital health & wellness?

Through Art Therapy, you'll explore the many ways our digitally-saturated world influences your physical and  mental health and relationships with others.

This 6-session program teaches you how to set healthy guidelines for technology use and build a more intentional relationship with the digital world.

This program is designed for individuals as well as parents/caregivers responsible for their family's digital health and well-being.

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Expressive Writing

Your Writing Has Power

Research demonstrates that expressive writing

has many physical and health benefits.

You'll learn how to tap into the power of your own writing to release difficult emotions, reflect, learn and heal.  

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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety, Caregiver Fatigue, Digital Health & Wellness (Individual and Family), Depression, Eating Disorders, Expressive Writing & Art Therapy,

Grief, Loneliness, Stress and Burnout, Trauma and 

Women’s Issues

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Craft Studios for Seniors

Supporting Healthy, Creative Communities

ALOFT's Craft Studios are inspired by the tradition of Art Hives, known for their positive influence on community and senior well-being. This drop-in model of spontaneous art-making gives clients creative freedom to express themselves in a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative environment. Crafts are also pre-planned to support your strategic goals and the needs/interests of your residents and their abilities.

Studios are also beneficial for many other populations. Contact ALOFT Art Therapy to find out how they might benefit your clients and organization.  Book a free 20-minute consultation

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