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  • What happens in an art psychotherapy session?
    Initial Consult In a free intial conversation, we'll talk 1:1 about your therapeutic needs and how ALOFT might be able to help you. Length Individual therapy sessions (online) are 50 minutes in length. A full cycle is six sessions. Objectives We'll set clear goals for your therapy, and you'll be supported with customized art activites to help you achieve them. Art Materials Art supplies can be expensive and intimidating. ALOFT will work with you to design a therapeutic plan that uses available and affordable materials suited to you & your therapeutic goals.
  • Do I have to be good at art to try art therapy?
    No art experience or 'talent' is necessary in art psychotherapy. Just a willingness to explore and create with different materials. Art therapy is about illustrating thoughts and feelings, not learning how to be a good artist.
  • What education does an Art Psychotherapist have?
    There are several schools in Canada with a focus on art therapy. Curriculum, length of study and designation will vary among educators. Major schools in Canada include: British Columbia Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT) & The Proulx Foundation, APD Art Psychotherapy Diploma Vancouver Adler University, Counselling Psychology Masters: Art Therapy Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, Art Therapy Diploma Manitoba WHEAT Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy Institute, (Indigenized) Art Therapy Diploma Ontario TATI Toronto Art Therapy Institute, DTATI, Art Therapy Diploma Professional Associations CATA Canadian Art Therapy Association OATA Ontario Art Therapy Association

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